Artist Bio

Joy Calonico is a lifelong painter, beginning her journey as an artist as a young child.  At age 10, she began selling commissioned realistic human and animal oil portraits on canvas, and as a teenager on the beach near her home in Pacific Palisades, CA, she sold sweatshirts with her own illustrations on them. This lead to part time work in a print shop designing graphics during high school, then selling original art to interior designers. She was commissioned to create large paintings for Rockwell International’s new high rise towers lobby at age 21, which lead to other commercial interior commissions.

She was singled out in school for her art, and at age 15, attended UCLA for gifted art students. She earned a BFA degree in art and a credential from the University of California, and taught art in Beverly Hills and Willits, CA.

In her early 20’s, her work graced the walls of private collectors, homes, office buildings and restaurants. Despite this early success, at age 24 she stopped painting and turned to music as her professional goal. This lead to recording contracts as a singer/songwriter, which she enjoyed and pursued for many years.

Joy’s artistic journey included a few exhibitions, winning first place awards, and invitations to participate in galleries. But none of these things were the point of her artistic expression, so she chose to work privately without showing her work.

She moved from Los Angeles, to the mountains in northern California, where she raised her daughter, then began painting again. She did not know who she was as an artist at that point and followed her instincts, trusting her ability to create. This lead to Abstract Expressionism on very large tempered board. Her work was discovered by collectors in northern California. Again, her work sold to private collectors, offices, restaurants and interiors designers.

She loves abstract expressionism which is open and unlimited, as if it continues beyond the edges of the canvas. Each painting is full of energy and power, fearless and free, with a strong will of its own. These are attributes formed by the maturity of the artist. Her work is honest, and each painting speaks her truth in some way.

Today’s technology and the creation of the Art Love Decor store provides a way to share her art with the world while remaining private in the mountains.